My Bucket List – x

Many of you have an idea on what a Bucket List entails. If you don’t, here is a definition from the internet:

“The term “kick the bucket” refers to when a person passes away. This is where the phrase “Bucket List” came from. It is a list of things that you want to do before you “kick the bucket”.

I will add to this list whenever I think up of something that is worthy of being on said list. Whenever I have ticked off something on my list, I will link it to a post where I would tell you all about it 🙂

It is just for fun, I am not “kicking the bucket” just yet. But hopefully, I will get to do some of these things in my lifetime.

My Bucket List

1. I must travel around Oz & NZ.

2. I must travel around Europe.

3. Want to adopt a zoo animal.

4. I must own something RIDIC expensive.

5. I must raise at least £5000 for charity.

6. I would like to go to London for New Year’s Eve. ✓

7. I want to skydive, go water-rafting, climb a mountain.

8. I would like to at least start to write a novel.

9. I want to take a helicopter ride.

10. Also a Hot-air balloon ride too.

11. I will need to own a walk in wardrobe at least once.

12. Have a house, a family, and a dog.

13. Go to an actual spa and have a full all over pampering session.

14. To be an extra in a film/TV programme.

15. To be able to cut the habit of biting my nails.

16. To see the Northern Lights.

17. To go Ski-ing.

18. To be able to speak fluently in another language.

19. Go and help out at a Panda sanctuary.

20. To actually keep a diary for a whole year.

21. To do a charity run. ✓

22. To give blood. ✓


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