Published Work – x

1. What to do with annoying celebrities??

2. David Bowie: The Comeback King.

3. Les Miserable: Did the film do the musical justice?

4. How TOWIE has ruined an Essex Girls life.

5. Long distance relationships DO work (if you let them).

6. I have been deleted off my friends facebook – A victim’s story.

7. The gay marriage bill – why they have made the right decision.

8. And if you don’t feel good, what are you doing this for?

9. When I grow up, I want to be…

10. “I am not lazy, I am just on energy saving mode.”

11. Which bands would you like to reform?

12. Celebrities: Invincible or only human?

13. One Direction vs The Beatles: The so called BIG comparison.

14. Self Obsessed Nation: When will it end?

15. Here comes the sun… I hope.

16. Is there such thing as luck?

17. Virtual Displays of Affection: Social Networking’s answer to PDA.

18. David Bowie Is – The V&A Exhibition you MUST see.

19. Real Women, Real Bodies: How dissatisfied are you with yours?

20. Self acceptance? Or just plain arrogance?

21. Disney Movies: The real meanings behind the classics

22. The sad toll of the troll


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