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“About Time” -The film that makes you appreciate your “time” in this world.

When the trailer finished, I knew I wanted to go and watch this film. I looked over at my boyfriend and he just shook his head. He isn’t one for soppy films, and especially isn’t one for Richard Curtis films such as “Love Actually” and “Notting Hill”. (Consequently, they are my favourites.) But that didn’t put me off; we were about to watch Sam’s choice of film, “Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa”. (Another film you must see).

So when I went to spend the weekend at Sam’s, I frogmarched him to the cinema to watch “About Time.” I was excited; he wasn’t. I squealed when the trailers finished to start the film, he sighed. I was being selfish, considering there were other films we both wanted to see that are currently out, but I couldn’t care less.

I am not going to give you a summary of the film. I need you to go and see this. It isn’t a cliché love story, where the same old dramas happen, this is just different. It isn’t even solely focused on the relationship between the lead male & female (Played excellently by Domnhall Gleeson & Rachel McAdams). It is about Tim and ALL his different relationships with his parents, his sister, his first love, his work colleague and with this amazing ability to just travel back in time. He wants to do good, and uses this to help others, he uses it for his own gain (three chances it took for him to lose his virginity in an epic fashion), and without trying to ruin the film, to spend some time with someone he loves.

The last 20 minutes, I was in tears. It was romantic sure, but Curtis always tries and lighten the saddest of moments with his wit. Even at one point, I looked up at Sam, and even he was choked up. When the end credits were rolling, I asked if he enjoyed the film (expecting him to say no) and he actually turned round and said, “You know what? I really did. But I now need to watch some football to make me feel more manly again.”

I was so thrilled he enjoyed it, and I am so glad that this film wasn’t one huge cliché. Richard Curtis has really outdone himself. Twist and turns and the ability to make you walk out of the cinema feeling very inspired and question whether you would go back and change anything.

Domnhall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams & Bill Nighly are just, incredible. It was nice to have an average yet charming lead man, and not your usual good looking beefcake we get in most films. You genuinely want Tim (Gleeson) and Mary (McAdams) to live happily ever after, and for Bill Nighly as Tim’s Dad to be a relative.

Everyone needs to see this film, because it has the feel good factor that many of us need on a daily basis.


Sorry for neglecting… (Plus a BIG announcement)

I have been a busy bee since my last blogpost.

Being full time in a college around this time of year is horrific. We start at half 8, end at half 7 most nights due to enrolment which lasted about 2 weeks. But the weeks after, we are still staying an extra couple of hours here and there to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

Not only that, but with building works going on, we have experienced a few “terrors” including bucketfuls of water pouring into our room from the ceiling!!

Then not only that, but I am on a fitness regime and I am sticking to it. I go to Zumba, Bokwa, gym session with weights & cardio & then a toning and conditioning class.

Then when I do have time to sit back and relax, I am usually just being lazy watching netflix for some much needed time out.

I really need to get back into blogging… especially with my next big announcement.


Yes, from Feb 25th 2014, me and my lovely boyfriend are off for our adventures. We are heading to Thailand, which then takes us to Malaysia, Singapore and ending in Australia. We will fly over to New Zealand and maybe Fiji with a stop over to Dubai on our way back home. This will be the next year and a bit of my life & I am so excited. Deposit is paid, so I am now doing the Visa and everything else that is important. 

This blog will have a revamp before I leave so I can write about my travels on my little notebook I will be getting this Xmas.

Oh & I will also link you to my new Tumblr account 🙂

Happy days.

Hope everyone is well x

The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park – 06/07/13

Oh my, I do not know how to even put this experience into words.

You see, back in the days where music was just the best, you were supposedly either a Beatles fan, or a Rolling Stones fan. This describes my relationship. I love The Beatles, my boyfriends loves The Rolling Stones.

So as I am a lovely girlfriend, and The Rolling Stones were touring, I thought I would try and get him tickets. Well, I failed when they performed at the O2. With tickets selling out like hot cakes, I had no chance.

So when the chance arose again, I tried again. Now, I really do not have much luck when it comes to buying tickets. I will be queueing up in the virtue queue like many others to no avail. But something amazing happened. I managed to get 2 tickets to The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park!

It was an amazing weather day. It was scorching, so when we got to Hyde Park at around 3, we got our freshly squeezed Lemonade & fruit juices (I had my run the next day; boo) and nabbed ourselves somewhere to sit. The sun was shining so I was having a bit of a sunbathe, with King Charles playing in the background. It was perfect.

The atmosphere was buzzing, young and old people relaxing listening to the amazing support acts until the real deal. I felt like we literally stepped back a few decades.

We were lucky enough to experience amazing supports acts in the form of King Charles, Gary Clark Jr, Temper Trap & The Vaccines. As I am a big fan of The Vaccines, that was our chance to move on forward, and we managed to get a good spot. We weren’t too far from the stage nor the walkway that was set up along the middle.

The build up was incredible, I don’t think we thought we were about to witness one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever but we did and what can I say? For a 70-year old man, Mick Jagger does have the moves. He is jumping around, running about. He seriously has more energy than some lead singers I have experienced.

The set list included most of the classics such as Brown Sugar, Paint it Black & Jumpin Jack Flash, with them ending the show with their encore which included You can’t always get what you want & Satisfaction.

I left that park goosebumps. I know I will not be able to do it justice, so I don’t think I will.

Just, all you need to know is that I have witnessed The Rolling Stones, and they were freakin’ awesome.

21. To do a charity run. ✓

I have never been a runner.

My body is not built to run. I am tall and I have gangly limbs, so when I run I look like Phoebe from Friends.

I am also asthmatic, so even if I wanted to run, my chest starts to hurt within 5 minutes.

So when I heard on my local radio breakfast show that they were looking for a team of 49 women to join the female presenter Su run for Race for Life back in January, I naturally joined up & then I got chosen; eek.

I kept saying I wanted to go back to the gym when I finished University, not to lose any weight as such, but mainly to get fit. 3 years of not doing any exercise, eating not so healthily and drinking loads is not good for a person’s body, so me joining Team Heart was a great incentive to join the gym.

After my induction, I had my first proper gym session. I had no clue. I tried to push myself straight away and see how far I can jog on the treadmill. Answer: not far. But thanks to the organisers at Race for Life, they gave me a plan which took me through the weeks leading up to the run and tell me what I should be doing.

Since joining in January, I have definitely learnt and I have got more of an idea what to do in the gym. Before I use to just run, and cycle and whatever for as long as I could before I collapsed. Now I will do set timings at more of a weight or a speed which in the long run helps build up stamina. I know that most people know this, but I seriously did not.

Anyway, on Friday the 5th, me and the 48 other women went to Heart FM (the Essex branch) to meet Su and each other. We were all in this room talking about our incentive to run. Some stories really touched me, and made me remember the real reason why I am doing this. I wasn’t doing this just to get me back to the gym, or so I can learn to run or that it is on my bucket list. I was there to raise money for an amazing cause.

We got to have a tour around the radio station and then got given our t-shirts and then we went, knowing that in 2 days time we will be running.

On the day itself, all 50 of us were there in our red t-shirts, our messages on our backs and our numbers on our front. It was nice to see everyone again and there was something very uplifting about being in a team. We held a minute silence before the race, then a gigantic war to show cancer that we are coming to them. Whilst we did this, I saw one of my team mate’s crying, so I went up and gave her a hug. This is why we are all here, to support each other.

We all started running together, and then we split up with some soaring ahead and some taking a slower pace. I ended up running with Laura, the lady who was upset earlier and for the whole 5Km, we jogged round.

It was so inspiring running with her because her family have been affected by Cancer in a HUGE way. It was lovely to see that she wanted to do something to help them, but also because she was such a strong woman. I was so happy I got to run with her, and towards the end with the last 500m, we ran. We grabbed each others hands and we ran over the line and the sense of achievement was overwhelming.

I am really lucky that I have never had anyone immediate to me who suffers from Cancer, but I know that I will need to protect the future generation from this horrible disease by raising money.

My target was £50, I nearly quadrapled that with £185. I am really prou od myself and the team for raising over our target of £2500 for such a worthy cause.

Bushy brows are now banned!

The eyebrow. That hairy thing that rests just above your eye. Why is it there? Rumour has it it is there to protect your eye from dust and dirt. The thing is, if we didn’t have that little bit of brow, we would look, extremely odd, or quoting an advert I once saw, “you’d look a baby seal.”

Try and picture yourself with no eyebrows; freaky eh? Well luckily, we do have eyebrows, but the eyebrow does not get the love and attention it needs, with some growing the “monobrow”, or some going for the “Cara”, (only Ms Delvingne can carry off the big bushy; but extremely tamed look.)

I have quite dark eyebrows for my hair colour, and so unlike the hair on my arms or legs, they are noticeable if I do not upkeep. I use to get them waxed regularly, as I always promise my beautician that I will keep up the tweezing routine, which results in me, six weeks later,with eyebrows like a gorilla and my tail inbetween my legs, crawling back to her and having them waxed again.

The thing was, as much as she neatened the appearance of my eyebrows, they were just a bit… meh. I know, maybe I should be less bothered about my eyebrows and more bothered about something political or medicial or something. But the thing is, when I looked at my face, my eyes would just stare at my lifeless hairy worms.

So I wanted to do something about it. I wanted nice brows like all the celebrities. After a bit of research, I found out that it was due to a treatment called HD Brows. I have heard about it before, but I thought it would be expensive. I also thought you had to have them so dark and so sharp that I was a little bit worried about having them done. I can’t exactly hide them if it goes wrong can I?

So I did what most people do when they need a quick and easy (and local) answer; I tweeted. I asked my lovely followers on twitter, “I think I want some HD Brows; but where do I get them from?” I got a reply almost straight away with an answer.

After I found the facebook page, and had a chat with the owner, I was all booked in (eek). The recommendation? Ugly Ducking – Beauty Hut in Grays, Essex. Situated in a cabin, the cosy yet fashionable decor made the whole experience ten times better than going to a salon. Everytime I went into a salon, there would be the receptionist, the gang of beauticians all tanned and plucked and the other clients all waiting for their treatment. At Ugly Duckling, the whole operation is run by the owner, Remi Scargill. I had only briefly spoke to Remi over Facebook and text, but as soon as I walked into the hut, it was like I have known her for years.

I was instantly at ease, and after signing some paperwork and talking to Remi about what shape I wanted and what tint I would like, we were all ready to go. For the £25 I would have to pay, Remi will go through 7 steps to get me my perfect brow.

1. Consultation.

2. Tinting.

3. Waxing.

4. Threading.

5. Tweezing.

6. Trimming.

7. Aftercare.

Remi explained all this to me whilst she was going along, and kept making sure I was awake. The treatments did not hurt at all, and it was somewhat therapeutic, I nearly did nod off!

The time came for me to see the results, and I was so pleased with what I saw. My eyebrows not only looked neater, but they just looked so much more healthier, and really made a difference to my overall face.

Here is a comparison. Warning: The before picture is horrific, and quite embarrassing, but for this treatment, I had to grow my eyebrow out so Remi could shape it for me, and for blog purposes, I am sharing this traumatic mess just for my readers.

BEFORE                                                                           AFTER


What a difference eh?

Before I was sceptical, but now I love HD brows. You do not need to them thick, nor really dark. Remi suggested that I should go for a light brown tint, and that my eyebrow will start off thick, then median, then end thin to give me that lovely arch.

Afterwards, Remi explained where I will need to continue pencilling, and to not pluck any hairs out, so when I have my next treatment in around 8 weeks, she can do all this again and (fingers crossed) will have my perfect brow and not need to pencil much at all!

I think what made this whole experience a lot better than going to a branch, was the fact that I didn’t feel Remi had to force a smile, or force conversation. It was just like going round to her house for a girly catch up, where she is genuinely interested in what I had to say, and also enjoying what she does. At 22, and having a business under her belt already, it is great to see someone who has followed their dream and has done something about it. Not only does she do HD brows, but she offers other treatments which include tanning, shellac nails and waxing.

I will be going back again, as Remi did such a great job, but also because I enjoyed my experience there; I cannot say I have enjoyed going to a salon and getting my eyebrows waxed before. If anything, it was more of a chore.

If you are considering getting a treatment done, then I would recommend Ugly Duckling – Beauty Hut for the place to go.

Contact Remi via:



The Working Life: The Old Taboo

Many times I went to interviews and my general feedback when I didn’t get the job was the lack of experience I had. Bearing in mind that I wasn’t even going for Journalism jobs at this point, I was going for office work just so I can get off Job seekers and start earning money.
You see, I have experience. I have many work experiences from newspapers, magazines and even radio. I have worked in shops, and I have also volunteered. That type of experience I wasn’t lacking; no. The experience that I was missing were from jobs such as an admin, an office junior and a receptionist.
As much as I could try and mould my previous experience to coincide with what the job role specified, it was never good enough. I was disheartened, I was defeated.
My work ethic has always been a good one. I like to work. I like to work to learn new skills. I like to work to get the money. I like to work for the rewards, whatever the job role is. I have learnt from my parents to work hard, because it is the most honest way to make money.
I was lucky enough a couple of months later to be offered the chance to temp at a college, which then somehow turned into me becoming a member of staff. I left university last summer, and I still know people who haven’t been able to get any kind of job.
This got me thinking. I am the youngest member of staff here who has been learning new skills and the ins and outs of an office environment. I work really hard and I work sufficiently. The working life hasn’t sucked out all my fun just yet, unlike some of the others. Ia m lucky that I got given this opportunity, along with some other graduates. But before this chance, I was just like so many of my friends (all recent graduates like me) who have applied and applied to be told they have lack of experience. Sure, we may not have experience, but we have motivation, and determination. We want to work, we are willing to prove ourseleves, we want to get going.
When I get on the train to London, and I see old men with their briefcases, looking miserable. The working life has sucked out all personality. It saddens me as well as annoys me. Graduates would give their kidneys away just for that chance, that someone else is taking up.
Companies should be embracing our generation. The majority of us are not bad, we are just bored and frustrated that we are never taken seriously. We want the opportunities, we want the chances, so give them to us. When the elder members of staff retire, there will be no-one left, there will be just young adults who have quite frankly, just given up.
It is a vicious circle. No job because no experience; but how are we meant to gain experience if we never get given any?