“About Time” -The film that makes you appreciate your “time” in this world.

When the trailer finished, I knew I wanted to go and watch this film. I looked over at my boyfriend and he just shook his head. He isn’t one for soppy films, and especially isn’t one for Richard Curtis films such as “Love Actually” and “Notting Hill”. (Consequently, they are my favourites.) But that didn’t put me off; we were about to watch Sam’s choice of film, “Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa”. (Another film you must see).

So when I went to spend the weekend at Sam’s, I frogmarched him to the cinema to watch “About Time.” I was excited; he wasn’t. I squealed when the trailers finished to start the film, he sighed. I was being selfish, considering there were other films we both wanted to see that are currently out, but I couldn’t care less.

I am not going to give you a summary of the film. I need you to go and see this. It isn’t a cliché love story, where the same old dramas happen, this is just different. It isn’t even solely focused on the relationship between the lead male & female (Played excellently by Domnhall Gleeson & Rachel McAdams). It is about Tim and ALL his different relationships with his parents, his sister, his first love, his work colleague and with this amazing ability to just travel back in time. He wants to do good, and uses this to help others, he uses it for his own gain (three chances it took for him to lose his virginity in an epic fashion), and without trying to ruin the film, to spend some time with someone he loves.

The last 20 minutes, I was in tears. It was romantic sure, but Curtis always tries and lighten the saddest of moments with his wit. Even at one point, I looked up at Sam, and even he was choked up. When the end credits were rolling, I asked if he enjoyed the film (expecting him to say no) and he actually turned round and said, “You know what? I really did. But I now need to watch some football to make me feel more manly again.”

I was so thrilled he enjoyed it, and I am so glad that this film wasn’t one huge cliché. Richard Curtis has really outdone himself. Twist and turns and the ability to make you walk out of the cinema feeling very inspired and question whether you would go back and change anything.

Domnhall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams & Bill Nighly are just, incredible. It was nice to have an average yet charming lead man, and not your usual good looking beefcake we get in most films. You genuinely want Tim (Gleeson) and Mary (McAdams) to live happily ever after, and for Bill Nighly as Tim’s Dad to be a relative.

Everyone needs to see this film, because it has the feel good factor that many of us need on a daily basis.


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