Sorry for neglecting… (Plus a BIG announcement)

I have been a busy bee since my last blogpost.

Being full time in a college around this time of year is horrific. We start at half 8, end at half 7 most nights due to enrolment which lasted about 2 weeks. But the weeks after, we are still staying an extra couple of hours here and there to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

Not only that, but with building works going on, we have experienced a few “terrors” including bucketfuls of water pouring into our room from the ceiling!!

Then not only that, but I am on a fitness regime and I am sticking to it. I go to Zumba, Bokwa, gym session with weights & cardio & then a toning and conditioning class.

Then when I do have time to sit back and relax, I am usually just being lazy watching netflix for some much needed time out.

I really need to get back into blogging… especially with my next big announcement.


Yes, from Feb 25th 2014, me and my lovely boyfriend are off for our adventures. We are heading to Thailand, which then takes us to Malaysia, Singapore and ending in Australia. We will fly over to New Zealand and maybe Fiji with a stop over to Dubai on our way back home. This will be the next year and a bit of my life & I am so excited. Deposit is paid, so I am now doing the Visa and everything else that is important. 

This blog will have a revamp before I leave so I can write about my travels on my little notebook I will be getting this Xmas.

Oh & I will also link you to my new Tumblr account 🙂

Happy days.

Hope everyone is well x


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