The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park – 06/07/13

Oh my, I do not know how to even put this experience into words.

You see, back in the days where music was just the best, you were supposedly either a Beatles fan, or a Rolling Stones fan. This describes my relationship. I love The Beatles, my boyfriends loves The Rolling Stones.

So as I am a lovely girlfriend, and The Rolling Stones were touring, I thought I would try and get him tickets. Well, I failed when they performed at the O2. With tickets selling out like hot cakes, I had no chance.

So when the chance arose again, I tried again. Now, I really do not have much luck when it comes to buying tickets. I will be queueing up in the virtue queue like many others to no avail. But something amazing happened. I managed to get 2 tickets to The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park!

It was an amazing weather day. It was scorching, so when we got to Hyde Park at around 3, we got our freshly squeezed Lemonade & fruit juices (I had my run the next day; boo) and nabbed ourselves somewhere to sit. The sun was shining so I was having a bit of a sunbathe, with King Charles playing in the background. It was perfect.

The atmosphere was buzzing, young and old people relaxing listening to the amazing support acts until the real deal. I felt like we literally stepped back a few decades.

We were lucky enough to experience amazing supports acts in the form of King Charles, Gary Clark Jr, Temper Trap & The Vaccines. As I am a big fan of The Vaccines, that was our chance to move on forward, and we managed to get a good spot. We weren’t too far from the stage nor the walkway that was set up along the middle.

The build up was incredible, I don’t think we thought we were about to witness one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever but we did and what can I say? For a 70-year old man, Mick Jagger does have the moves. He is jumping around, running about. He seriously has more energy than some lead singers I have experienced.

The set list included most of the classics such as Brown Sugar, Paint it Black & Jumpin Jack Flash, with them ending the show with their encore which included You can’t always get what you want & Satisfaction.

I left that park goosebumps. I know I will not be able to do it justice, so I don’t think I will.

Just, all you need to know is that I have witnessed The Rolling Stones, and they were freakin’ awesome.


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