21. To do a charity run. ✓

I have never been a runner.

My body is not built to run. I am tall and I have gangly limbs, so when I run I look like Phoebe from Friends.

I am also asthmatic, so even if I wanted to run, my chest starts to hurt within 5 minutes.

So when I heard on my local radio breakfast show that they were looking for a team of 49 women to join the female presenter Su run for Race for Life back in January, I naturally joined up & then I got chosen; eek.

I kept saying I wanted to go back to the gym when I finished University, not to lose any weight as such, but mainly to get fit. 3 years of not doing any exercise, eating not so healthily and drinking loads is not good for a person’s body, so me joining Team Heart was a great incentive to join the gym.

After my induction, I had my first proper gym session. I had no clue. I tried to push myself straight away and see how far I can jog on the treadmill. Answer: not far. But thanks to the organisers at Race for Life, they gave me a plan which took me through the weeks leading up to the run and tell me what I should be doing.

Since joining in January, I have definitely learnt and I have got more of an idea what to do in the gym. Before I use to just run, and cycle and whatever for as long as I could before I collapsed. Now I will do set timings at more of a weight or a speed which in the long run helps build up stamina. I know that most people know this, but I seriously did not.

Anyway, on Friday the 5th, me and the 48 other women went to Heart FM (the Essex branch) to meet Su and each other. We were all in this room talking about our incentive to run. Some stories really touched me, and made me remember the real reason why I am doing this. I wasn’t doing this just to get me back to the gym, or so I can learn to run or that it is on my bucket list. I was there to raise money for an amazing cause.

We got to have a tour around the radio station and then got given our t-shirts and then we went, knowing that in 2 days time we will be running.

On the day itself, all 50 of us were there in our red t-shirts, our messages on our backs and our numbers on our front. It was nice to see everyone again and there was something very uplifting about being in a team. We held a minute silence before the race, then a gigantic war to show cancer that we are coming to them. Whilst we did this, I saw one of my team mate’s crying, so I went up and gave her a hug. This is why we are all here, to support each other.

We all started running together, and then we split up with some soaring ahead and some taking a slower pace. I ended up running with Laura, the lady who was upset earlier and for the whole 5Km, we jogged round.

It was so inspiring running with her because her family have been affected by Cancer in a HUGE way. It was lovely to see that she wanted to do something to help them, but also because she was such a strong woman. I was so happy I got to run with her, and towards the end with the last 500m, we ran. We grabbed each others hands and we ran over the line and the sense of achievement was overwhelming.

I am really lucky that I have never had anyone immediate to me who suffers from Cancer, but I know that I will need to protect the future generation from this horrible disease by raising money.

My target was £50, I nearly quadrapled that with £185. I am really prou od myself and the team for raising over our target of £2500 for such a worthy cause.


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