Bushy brows are now banned!

The eyebrow. That hairy thing that rests just above your eye. Why is it there? Rumour has it it is there to protect your eye from dust and dirt. The thing is, if we didn’t have that little bit of brow, we would look, extremely odd, or quoting an advert I once saw, “you’d look a baby seal.”

Try and picture yourself with no eyebrows; freaky eh? Well luckily, we do have eyebrows, but the eyebrow does not get the love and attention it needs, with some growing the “monobrow”, or some going for the “Cara”, (only Ms Delvingne can carry off the big bushy; but extremely tamed look.)

I have quite dark eyebrows for my hair colour, and so unlike the hair on my arms or legs, they are noticeable if I do not upkeep. I use to get them waxed regularly, as I always promise my beautician that I will keep up the tweezing routine, which results in me, six weeks later,with eyebrows like a gorilla and my tail inbetween my legs, crawling back to her and having them waxed again.

The thing was, as much as she neatened the appearance of my eyebrows, they were just a bit… meh. I know, maybe I should be less bothered about my eyebrows and more bothered about something political or medicial or something. But the thing is, when I looked at my face, my eyes would just stare at my lifeless hairy worms.

So I wanted to do something about it. I wanted nice brows like all the celebrities. After a bit of research, I found out that it was due to a treatment called HD Brows. I have heard about it before, but I thought it would be expensive. I also thought you had to have them so dark and so sharp that I was a little bit worried about having them done. I can’t exactly hide them if it goes wrong can I?

So I did what most people do when they need a quick and easy (and local) answer; I tweeted. I asked my lovely followers on twitter, “I think I want some HD Brows; but where do I get them from?” I got a reply almost straight away with an answer.

After I found the facebook page, and had a chat with the owner, I was all booked in (eek). The recommendation? Ugly Ducking – Beauty Hut in Grays, Essex. Situated in a cabin, the cosy yet fashionable decor made the whole experience ten times better than going to a salon. Everytime I went into a salon, there would be the receptionist, the gang of beauticians all tanned and plucked and the other clients all waiting for their treatment. At Ugly Duckling, the whole operation is run by the owner, Remi Scargill. I had only briefly spoke to Remi over Facebook and text, but as soon as I walked into the hut, it was like I have known her for years.

I was instantly at ease, and after signing some paperwork and talking to Remi about what shape I wanted and what tint I would like, we were all ready to go. For the £25 I would have to pay, Remi will go through 7 steps to get me my perfect brow.

1. Consultation.

2. Tinting.

3. Waxing.

4. Threading.

5. Tweezing.

6. Trimming.

7. Aftercare.

Remi explained all this to me whilst she was going along, and kept making sure I was awake. The treatments did not hurt at all, and it was somewhat therapeutic, I nearly did nod off!

The time came for me to see the results, and I was so pleased with what I saw. My eyebrows not only looked neater, but they just looked so much more healthier, and really made a difference to my overall face.

Here is a comparison. Warning: The before picture is horrific, and quite embarrassing, but for this treatment, I had to grow my eyebrow out so Remi could shape it for me, and for blog purposes, I am sharing this traumatic mess just for my readers.

BEFORE                                                                           AFTER


What a difference eh?

Before I was sceptical, but now I love HD brows. You do not need to them thick, nor really dark. Remi suggested that I should go for a light brown tint, and that my eyebrow will start off thick, then median, then end thin to give me that lovely arch.

Afterwards, Remi explained where I will need to continue pencilling, and to not pluck any hairs out, so when I have my next treatment in around 8 weeks, she can do all this again and (fingers crossed) will have my perfect brow and not need to pencil much at all!

I think what made this whole experience a lot better than going to a branch, was the fact that I didn’t feel Remi had to force a smile, or force conversation. It was just like going round to her house for a girly catch up, where she is genuinely interested in what I had to say, and also enjoying what she does. At 22, and having a business under her belt already, it is great to see someone who has followed their dream and has done something about it. Not only does she do HD brows, but she offers other treatments which include tanning, shellac nails and waxing.

I will be going back again, as Remi did such a great job, but also because I enjoyed my experience there; I cannot say I have enjoyed going to a salon and getting my eyebrows waxed before. If anything, it was more of a chore.

If you are considering getting a treatment done, then I would recommend Ugly Duckling – Beauty Hut for the place to go.

Contact Remi via:




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