The Working Life: The Old Taboo

Many times I went to interviews and my general feedback when I didn’t get the job was the lack of experience I had. Bearing in mind that I wasn’t even going for Journalism jobs at this point, I was going for office work just so I can get off Job seekers and start earning money.
You see, I have experience. I have many work experiences from newspapers, magazines and even radio. I have worked in shops, and I have also volunteered. That type of experience I wasn’t lacking; no. The experience that I was missing were from jobs such as an admin, an office junior and a receptionist.
As much as I could try and mould my previous experience to coincide with what the job role specified, it was never good enough. I was disheartened, I was defeated.
My work ethic has always been a good one. I like to work. I like to work to learn new skills. I like to work to get the money. I like to work for the rewards, whatever the job role is. I have learnt from my parents to work hard, because it is the most honest way to make money.
I was lucky enough a couple of months later to be offered the chance to temp at a college, which then somehow turned into me becoming a member of staff. I left university last summer, and I still know people who haven’t been able to get any kind of job.
This got me thinking. I am the youngest member of staff here who has been learning new skills and the ins and outs of an office environment. I work really hard and I work sufficiently. The working life hasn’t sucked out all my fun just yet, unlike some of the others. Ia m lucky that I got given this opportunity, along with some other graduates. But before this chance, I was just like so many of my friends (all recent graduates like me) who have applied and applied to be told they have lack of experience. Sure, we may not have experience, but we have motivation, and determination. We want to work, we are willing to prove ourseleves, we want to get going.
When I get on the train to London, and I see old men with their briefcases, looking miserable. The working life has sucked out all personality. It saddens me as well as annoys me. Graduates would give their kidneys away just for that chance, that someone else is taking up.
Companies should be embracing our generation. The majority of us are not bad, we are just bored and frustrated that we are never taken seriously. We want the opportunities, we want the chances, so give them to us. When the elder members of staff retire, there will be no-one left, there will be just young adults who have quite frankly, just given up.
It is a vicious circle. No job because no experience; but how are we meant to gain experience if we never get given any?


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