From the outsider: What does a great couple look like?

A long while back, when I first started going out with my boyfriend Sam, my friend said that we suit. When I asked why she said that we looked brother and sister.
After I had a little freak-out, she justified herself; sort of. She said that we both look a little similar, not identical; similar.
The thing is, we do not look like twins, but I can see that maybe to the untrained eye, we might look related, and then when it is obvious we are not, we do look good together.
There are just some people who you can see together, or who you think is a good match. When I think about my sister and her boyfriend, my friends and their other halves, they all seem to fit like a puzzle.
So what if this isn’t the same for everyone? You see really slim girls going out with big guys, a black girl with a white guy, a 5ft girl with a 6ft guy; does it matter? Of course not.
I read an article today about this pretty girl called Miss Nava, who says she is obese, and she is in a relationship with a guy called Ali, who is described as “fit, tall and slim.” Miss Nava has been getting abuse from people who do not even know her, abuse from her fans of her youtube tutorials, and worse of all, her friends. No-one apparently can comprehend why Ali would be with Miss Nava. This saddened me a lot to read.
If we went into town and looked at the other couples walking around, sure we might have a cheeky look and I will put my hand on my heart and say I have sometimes gone, “Really?” I am now very ashamed to admit that. Why am I questioning someones relationship just because of the way the couple looks? At the end of the day, I am pretty sure some people look at me and Sam when we walk hand in hand and think “what is he doing with her” and vice versa. But how do they know how our relationship is going? Do they know what it is about Sam that I really love? Or what about what really winds me up? No. No-one does, and I would hate to think that people think they can judge us solely on the way we look.
Sure, personalities shine through, but everyone who is in a couple has to have had that initial attraction, or at least, one that has grown within time. If there is no attraction, there is no relationship. So to people who do judge others by the way they look, just because they might not be the same height, or the same girth, or both on the same level “looks” wise, then I feel sorry for you.


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