Health & Fitness; Why does my body resent this?

When I was a little girl, I was active. I started dancing when I was 4 doing 3 lessons a week, swam twice a week, and I went to Rainbows. When I went to Junior school, my dancing upped a gear, I went from 3 lessons to around 7, swam once a week, went to Brownies and I did a morning dance class and I played girl football at school, (as well as learning the keyboard, the saxophone and the drums.) Then I got to Secondary school, where my dancing took over every night of the week, for the minimum 3 hours a night. I had to stop going to Scouts & swimming, but I took Dance as a GCSE & for A Level, so I was just constantly dancing.

Then the worse happened.

I got injured.

It isn’t unusual for a dancer to get an injury, or even a couple. I had to have operations on my toes due to me having “hammer toes”, a neck/shoulder problem which I am still carrying and I regulary passed out. I had to make a decision and go cold turkey on my dancing. I wanted to get good grades so I could go to University, and I did not want to injure myself any further.

The day I made that decision, I was gutted. It took up so much of my life. My friends were like family, and I enjoyed it. I got to experience some pretty big things, (I got to dance at Disneyland, at the London Palladium, the BBC & Sadlers Wells numerous times). I was also working towards my teaching certificate.

But I gave up, more for my body and health. I wanted to keep on dancing just for fun when I went off to University, but I never got round to it. Instead for the three years I was there, I didn’t exercise. I joined the gym at the last knocking but went only twice. Was pointless.

So when I finished and came back home, I thought to myself that I need to find a hobby or join the gym.

Thing is, I am not a good gym goer. I can physically get to the gym, but I never know how to push myself, and sometimes I just think “Ah I can’t be bothered to do 8km today I will just do 4.” That isn’t the right attitude. I am a lot better when I go with a friend, who will push me to try that bit harder.

I go to the gym regulary now, and I have my routine to get bikini and travelling ready, but I upped the anti; I went to a class.

Me and my friend joined the Toning & Conditioning class yesterday, and for some reason, I don’t know why, I assumed it would be a bit like Pilates, Yoga, odd use of Dumbells and planking. Non. It was hardcore. There was no slow stretches. This was a bit of a shock to me. But I put all my energy into this class because I really want it to make a difference; but I fainted.

Bearing in my mind I haven’t fainted in quite a while. I would say months. But this was more due to exhuastion and heat rather than whatever I have suffered from before.
I woke up, felt embarrassed, had to fill in a form, had a man dabbing my forehead and another asking me what I had eaten.
Normally when I faint, I do get a little embarrassed, especially if it happens somewhere like a shop, or in a lecture. But this one was probably the worse. Why? Probably because I am in a fitness centre. With all fit people. Healthy people. There is me collapsed on the floor, red, out of breath, looking the complete opposite.

Thing is, it didn’t put me off. I finished the class and I am going again next week. I need to keep going and try and hopefully I will see some results soon.


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