The girl who doesn’t have a best friend

I am one of those people that tend to get along with everybody. I wouldn’t say I was everybody’s friend, but I would chat and give everyone the time of day. I will always make an effort and hardly judge until I know what they are like.
I like to surround myself with lots of people, I like to have a big group of friends, but I can’t really say that I have ever really had a best friend. I have best friend(s) but not that one person that was like my sister, the one where people will go, “where’s so and so? You two are always together.”
This doesn’t make me a lonely person, this doesn’t make me sad. I just choose to have a lot more people around than putting everything on one person, but from time to time, I wish I had the BEST friend that people talk about.
I use to have a best friend. Her name was Steph. We did so much together and it helped that our sisters were best friends. We just simply grew apart, and took different roads in our life. I miss her as a friend sure, but I will never be bitter because it wasn’t anyones fault.
I guess I obviously wouldn’t mind having a best friend, but I am lucky to have a boyfriend who I consider my best friend, and a good few people who I describe as my besties, so maybe I am just not destined to have that one person to call my best friend forever.


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