Up at the O2 – 01/11/2012

Most couples for their anniversaries go out for dinner, or get each other presents, or have a night in with films, wine and a takeaway.

What this couple did for their 1st year anniversary (aww) was a little different. We wanted to climb the O2.

When we first heard about it, it intrigued us, it wasn’t till we went to the O2 for the British Music Experience that we decided we definitely wanted to do the climb. We saw a group of people all different ages ready to climb over the landmark.

For £18.50 (If one of you is an O2 customer), we booked up and was ready to go and do this. When we got there, it was chilly, but surprisingly sunny, and we stood at the bottom looking up; it was high.

When you walk into “bootcamp”, you have top sign a few safety forms, I guess to save their asses more than ours, and watched a video. You learn quite a few interesting facts about the O2, (such as their are 12 yellow poles holding up the O2 to represent the months of the year and tt would take 3.8 billion pints of beer to fill up all the space in The O2.)

You then go through to grab your equipment, and your stunning onesie type thing, and then after the last set of checks, we were off up the stairs.

You have a professional O2 climber with you at all times, and your group of around 12 start to climb the 60m summit.

The climb itself isn’t hard, you need to put effort in, but you do not need to do any training in preparation! When we started our climb, it was light, but by the time we got to the top, it was dark, and around us was the most stunning view of London. You have about 15 minutes of browsing time, having a look round and taking photos before you have to go back down again. Warning: Going down is a lot harder than going up!

The overall experience was just incredible. Firstly, it is because it is something different, secondly, it is a lot of fun, and thirdly, you get to see the city in all its glory.
Will recommend. 10/10


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