6. I would like to go to London for New Year’s Eve. ✓

This year was the first year since I was 16 where I did not have any definite plans. I usually head to a house party with my friends, or last year, I went to my University town and went out to a club. Plans were suggested but nothing came from them, and I ended up worrying that I was not going to celebrate the end of a truly great year.

 My boyfriend was in the same boat, and after much thought, we decided on giving a night up in capital city a try. We didn’t know what to expect.
When we first got there, it was heaving full of people trying to find the ideal viewing for the fireworks. Sam wanted to be able to see Big Ben when it struck 12, and as opposite of the London Eye as possible, and I think many others had the same idea. We finally found a spot at around half 7. I was worried that my legs wouldn’t hold me up for that long, especially as they were already starting to ache.
We took up our own alcohol and soft drinks, and settled into the busy crowd. We got talking to other revellers who were around us. Expecting to be cold, we wore our big coats, but the heat from everyone else (and the alcohol), we were pretty warm.
When it turned 10, the DJ started playing songs to get us moving. From all kinds of genres, the playlist was amazing. Everyone from young children to OAPs were dancing and bobbing around.
Then when the lights went out, we were all drawn to the London Eye. On a building next to it, a countdown started from a minute to midnight. We all chanted backwards from ten and then most possibly, the best fireworks I have ever seen in my entire life. Not just the visual aspect of it, (which was spectacular) but the soundtrack lifted everyone and even the voice overs from Boris Johnson, Seb Cole & even The Queen where she said, “Thank you”.
It all merged together beautifully, and if you did not feel patriotic when you watched them, then I don’t know what will. I have never felt so proud of a nation and the feeling of starting anew and following your dreams have never felt any greater.
I will honestly recommend everyone to do this at least once. A huge street party, a wonderful firework display, an indescribable atmosphere and the feeling that anything is possible sounds like a great night to me.

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