“The most important thing about communication is to hear what isn’t being said.” – Peter Drucker


I was chatting away to my friend quite a few weeks ago when he pointed this out: “You are not interested in a word I am saying.”

This spooked me out as actually, he was right. My mind was elsewhere, I wasn’t listening to a word this great guy was saying to me.
When I asked him why he said that, he said that he studies body language in his course, and by the way I was looking around, with my arms crossed and my foot tapping, that was an obvious give-away.
I have never felt so rude in my life. I apologised and told him what was bugging me, but what was really bugging me was how closely he was paying attention to my facial features and to my every move. He started spouting my personality and claiming he knew me just by that talk. I scoffed at the idea, but when he told me what he thinks he has found out, he was right on the money.
Body language is very important in our everyday lives. Interviews; you need to come across confident and really determined to get the job ahead of the other candidates. So you walk in, shake their hands firmly, and smile. Relationships; you want to show someone that you like them, so you flick your hair, put on your best smile and flirt to your hearts content. If you are going around with your arms crossed and your head down, you will look like you just want to live a sheltered life, and people will not approach you. You can give out the right, but also the wrong signals. So not only do we need to feel/look good, being approachable and friendly, we also have to worry about our body language.

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