Some things should just be left in the past.


We all like to reminisce and go over memories from time to time; hell, I do it every day. I am one of those people who just cannot seem to accept that the past is the past, and will always dwell on mistakes, or keep thinking back on the happier times which then makes me miss them even more.

There are many kinds of reminiscing.
1/. The rewind.
Scene: Me lying on my bed, with my iPod playing. I am rewinding and replaying a certain time of my life every single day to try and keep me happy, to try and make me realise how I felt and so forth. But due to this, I get upset about the situation. It isn’t the perfect plan but there is not anything I can do than just think back, which makes me either happy or sad.
2/. The reminder.
Being told or reminded about a certain part of your life which you do not want to be reminded of. Usually a negative memory, but it is usually the memory which never seems to go away. It only takes a comment, or a picture or even a film or news story to remind you. So please remember the saying, “I guess the past will continue to bite my ass.”

3/. The recollection.
This is the simpliest way of reminiscing, as this one is purely just to remember a certain event, or a certain time in your life. Usually brought up when chatting to friends, just as an anecdote. No harm is meant, and no harm is felt.
4/. The flashback.
This is normally when you think back about certain events and try and  work out something which maybe you have not quite notice before. Such  as, having a conversation with someone and then remembering them saying something which you did not remember before. Sometimes it is something positive, and others negative, but sometimes bloody useful.

It is just as natural as breathing, but what you have got to remember is that you should never regret something which once made you smile, and that the past is the past, you have the present and the future to look forward to, and make it something that when you do go back and reminisce about the past, it is something more optimistic and worth remembering!


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