A message to people who know an in-perfect person who thinks they are perfect…


In life; there are the people who whatever they do, the sun shines out of their arse. You could work just as hard as them, or just as well as them, and still they will get chosen over you.

There are also people who put you down and bitch about you for no apparent reason.
But usually these kind of people are the people you need to thank. They are usually the drive behind success and confidence.
I am at university, I am studying really hard for a degree, and hopefully I will end up doing a job which I will love and hold a successful career. I am hoping to move out into a flat after uni with my best friends. My body could be healthier but that isn’t anything I can change right now, apart from me just trying to stay fit.
And thanks to those girls who I get jealous of for doing fuck all and getting places, and to the girls who are constantly being two faced for making me not want to be anything like them. They have given me the drive to go and succeed at something I am passionate about, and they have also gave me the confidence knowing that I can aim for what I want, and get it.
Appreciate who you do have in your life, and don’t worry about the ones you don’t. There is a reason why they are not in your life, because then you can concentrate on the ones who are there for you. So in the words of Cee-lo Green: “Fuck you!” 🙂

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