Sometimes, music explains your mood perfectly

Whatever mood you are in, you tend to skip songs on your iPod till you find the song that suits it.

When I am sad, sometimes I want to bring myself out of that mood and put on something fast and upbeat, but usually, I tend to shove on some Adele, Elton John and anything else remotely depressing.
When I am getting ready for a night out it varies. If I am heading out to my local Reflex, the 70s and 80s hits come out. If I am heading out to my local Kaos, I shove on club tunes left, right and centre.
You get the drill; so I am going to write a list of moods and my fav songs to listen too and why. Why am i doing this? To procrastinate inbetween writing my Final major project for university, and waiting for a tutorial which isn’t for another 2 hours.


I am happy: This changes regularly. Usually whatever my favourite song is at that time.

I am sad: Rod Stewart – Tracks of my tears. It is a sad song about a guy who is still in love with his ex, but is trying to move on with his life, but is scared she will look on as an outsider and mistakes his smile for a happy one, when it is in fact, just for show.

I am being contemplative: Razorlight – America. Why? Because I want to travel, and I want to see ALL of America. That is my dream, that is what I am heading for.

I am over-analysing: The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset. Why? It is my favourite song, and when I am making myself go mad by over thinking, this just calms me down. The couple in the song like to just do things simply, and I need to remind myself that I always tend to make mountain out of molehills and like to make easy things difficult; so don’t.

I have a moment of realisation: Dusty Springfield – I only want to be with you. Why? It just makes me realise that I am lucky in this time of life. I have a fantastic boyfriend, who I guess is my best friend, as well as the only person who seems to really wind me up and makes me laugh at the same time. When I hear this, it reminds me how lucky I am to have him.

I am homesick: Razorlight – Somewhere else. Why? Because sometimes at University, I do want to be somewhere else. At home, with my family. We are a very close family unit and I do miss them a lot. This song though I guess works the other way round when I am at home, and wanting to go back to University. I am never pleased.

It is sunny: Small faces: Itchycoo park. Why? This reminds me of probably one of my favourite times at university when it was sunny most of March/April/May for our last semester. So many drunken nights out, so many fun times, and it takes me back to that time of year.

It is raining: Crowded House: Don’t dream it’s over. Why? It is such a chilled out song, and there is nothing better than being in the warm, looking out the window to see miserable rain and havnig this song on. Makes me feel instantly better.

I am in the library: Procol Harum – Whiter shade of pale. Why? I have no idea. No idea whatsoever. But this song is one of the only songs that when it gets played, I just cannot turn over. It keeps me motivated. It is such a ncie song I just think it chills me right out.

I want to chill: Anything by The Beatles. Why? I love their music. I love the old school riffs. I love the prety crap lyrics. I can put them on in the background and just, read a book and relax.


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