A Two-Parter: #2: Why I Am Sceptical Of Our Celebrity Culture


I know, contradictory eh? There was me saying how much I like reality TV, but I cannot stand our celebrity culture. This is due to thefact that people become famous for doing not very much, and we give out theword “celebrity” like it is running out of fashion.
You see, if anyone goes on a reality show, they will end upin magazine and newspapers everywhere. Even when they get kicked out, they willstill be buzzing around like a fly does around… you get the idea.
I can’t generalise, as some celebrities have worked hard andwhen their career dries up a little, they decide to go on I’m a Celeb orStrictly, such as Brian Connelly, (I loved that dude in the day) and ColinBaker (who was amazing as Doctor Who). Some are STILL in the limelight, butwith the right money (sorry; am I calling them greedy?) and if they have thetime, they think “I might as well”, such as Olympians Louis Smith &Victoria Pendleton. But then there are the Katie Prices, the Hugo Taylors (Imiss you!) and the Llmahl’s (who? Oh yeahh, the Kajagoogoo guy).
Don’t get me wrong, I am still a sucker to the programmes,and to be honest, I am rather won over with Llmahl, and this is their main aimof going on these type of shows; the money mainly, but also to win over thenation (I guess).
But, I was reading the online newspapers, and so many of thearticles are about some fashion disaster a member of TOWIE is wearing, or thatKatie Price has been dumped by another toyboy. Do I care?? Not really. I wouldn’tcall these people celebrities. I guess a lot of them use the reality TV showslike Made in Chelsea and TOWIE as a platform, because many run their ownbusinesses, but a celebrity? No. A celebrity is someone like, Daniel Craig(yum), a Hollywood star known best for his roles as James Bond, Katie Piper whohas used her bad experience (she had acid thrown at her face) to help othersufferers with her own TV programme, and even Barbara Windsor I would call acelebrity as she was a regular in the Carry on films and as Peggy inEastenders.
At the end of the day, people can respect and idolisewhoever; I cannot tell you whether it is right or wrong. But I do cringe when I see what some people write on Twitter. I just don’t like where our celebrityculture is heading. We need to stop treating z-listers (sorry) as the mostamazing thing in the world, and concentrate on the real stars of the world;celebrity or not.

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