A Two-Parter: #1: Why I Am A Reality Tv Addict

A Two-Parter: #1: Why I Am A Reality TV Addict
After me shouting at the TV screen, I have realised I have became someone I use to detest. Of course, I have my guilty pleasures when it comes to TV, but I have became addicted to the thing I use to moan about most; reality TV.
When Big Brother started, I loved it. I loved seeing all the personalities in one house, seeing them fight for the final and playing tactical games. Some will go in nice, and then became a backstabber, whilst others would be so OTT, then they calmed down. I was 9 when the first one came out back in 2000, so I couldn’t stay up to watch it. I could only catch the highlights before school. When I got older, I got more into it, until around Big Brother 5, I then started to get bored and now I hate it.
I then went onto Strictly Come Dancing & Dancing on Ice. To be honest, I still love these programmes. Maybe because sometimes they do manage to have some big names sign up but also because, as much as it is a competition, you do not get the sob stories or “if I don’t win, I will go back to working in Asda” kind of quotes you find on the X Factor. They do it simply for fun, and as a former dancer, I enjoy watching these kinds of things anyway.
Same with I’m a Celeb. Watching “so-called” celebrities get covered in insects and getting grouchy as they are slowly starving to death makes pleasurable viewing. I have always enjoyed this show as I feel that personally, I could not go into that jungle like these celebrities can.
When I was younger, Pop Idol and Popstars were on the TV and I enjoyed watching the auditions, the lives shows, and I even voted for Gareth Gates to win! (Sad I know.) Now, with the X Factor, I tend not to watch. When I was at University, I couldn’t keep up so didn’t. Now I have time, I have ended up watching it from beginning to end, moaning that I was watching it, but yet still have that “need-to-know” feeling on who goes every week. Especially with this week’s shocker with Ella & James in the bottom two; I was livid! This was actually when I realised I watched too much crap.
But the worse is yet to come, and I am going to confess. I watch TOWIE. I watch Made in Chelsea. I have watched The Hills, The City & Laguna Beach. But the thing is, I am not even ashamed. I am more ashamed about me watching the X Factor than these and I will explain why. I am pretty sure I need these types of shows in my life. I love watching over people’s dramas, achievements, how they live their life. It takes my mind off my own life when I need it most. I live vicariously through these people, (apart from the crew from TOWIE, I watch this to mock them.)
Yes, I am sure many people will think I am sad, but I am sure there are people out there just like me. Who watch all these reality shows, who moan when their favourite don’t go through, who hide behind their hands and cringe when someone does something dodgy, or cheer when their favourite on-and-off couple get together.
Yes, I have became someone who I use to detest, but you know what? I don’t care. If all this crap TV help me relax after a long day at work, then so be it. Anyway, I read clever books so this will counter balance the informal and not-so intelligent jargon I hear on the TV ok?

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