Another year, another list of crap I should do

Last year, I wrote my original list of resolutions so to speak. (Go on; have a read). I re-read my list to see if I actually have achieved any of the things I wrote, and it is safe to say that no; I haven’t.

I can’t be hard on myself. I have changed as a person to a certain extent, but some of the personality “tweaks”I wrote about aren’t very important to me anymore. 

I still care about what people think of me, I also still put my foot in it, but at the end of the day, who doesn’t? Some things I just can’t change. 

So this year, I have made some more. Compared to last years, not all of them are based on my personaility. These are things which can be easily done if I put my head down and try. 

1. Stop bringing things up from the past. Live in the now.

2. Spend more quality time with the family.

3. Save up for Europe trip in the Summer, and Oz next year.

4. Keep in GOOD contact with my friends from University.

5. Think things through calmly before blowing my lid.

6. Stop jumping to conclusions.

7. Join the gym and stay there. Need to tone up and build stamina.

8. Become career driven and work hard.

Let’s see how his turns out…


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