Miles don’t mean anything

Me and my boyfriend are long distance, and the fact that we can only hear each other over the phone most nights makes me feel a little sad.  We call each other every day as it is just so nice hearing his voice. It is nice to hear him giggle when I say something funny, or concerned when I say something that is well, worth being concerned about. It is nice to be able to hear his emotions and not me interpretating them when I read them via facebook chat or text messages. But, knowing that we are lucky to even have this, we should feel rather lucky.

It is horrible being apart,like a lot of people in long distance relationships would know. We get to miss out on so much together, even the smallest things make us wish that the other were there. For example, I celebrated my degree with my family by going out for dinner. There was my mum and dad, my sister and her boyfriend, and then me. My boyfriend was at his home in a completely different county. I was happy to be celebrating and being around my family, but it would have made the night so much more special if he was there too,

Like I said before, I know there are couples who are worse off than us. Couples who are countries apart, couples where one of them are in the army, or like it was for my mum and dad, newly married but my Dad travelled a lot of work, leaving my mum, his new wife at home alone, with no form of contact whatsoever, (apart from 5 minute phone calls from a pay phone outside the house).

We are lucky in the sense we can text all day, phone at night, Skype and see each other, and now due to us working Monday to Fridays, we can spend the weekend together.

But what I am trying to say is, when you want to be with someone, you want to be with them the majority of the time. You want to at least have the choice whether to be able to see them or not, or go out with your friends but knowing they will be at home waiting for you. We had it so much easier at University than we do now, and even though this has been going on for months; it is still pretty hard.

But surprisingly, it makes me feel closer to him even if he isn’t about. The phone calls and skype dates feels like he isn’t too far away, and that he is still in my life.

I just think that any form of communication is amazing. Especially when it is all that you have; you learn to treasure it.


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