RIP Ben 20/09/11 – Hello Ozzy 25/10/11

Today marks a year since my dog Ben got put down. As many other dog lovers, you would understand why I am upset by this horrible anniversary more so than those who haven’t ever had a pet.

I got Ben when I was 10 and he became a part of the family; a bit of the furniture. If you read my previous blog called, An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language, I have gone through the ins and outs of how we rescued him and that horrible day. This blog is just about the fact that a year has gone, and yes, you carry on with life, but when you sit down and think about the loss, it still is just as sad as it was that dreadful day.

I do miss having a big heap of fur walking up to me to greet me from work, a huge bundle of fluff to cuddle, and a dopey smile to adore. He was definitely unique and one of a kind.

A month after that sad day, we got a new dog. Mum and Dad missed having the company, especially with me being at university, and my sister leading her own life. They missed having someone to make them laugh and to care for. So they went back to the shelter that they got Ben, and found Ozzy.

All along they said that, if they got another dog, they would have to get one which was the complete opposite of Ben, which they did.

Ben was big, Ozzy is small. Ben was lazy, Ozzy is energetic. Ben was fluffy, Ozzy is scraggy.

All these differences are about the appearance, but the reason why they chose Ozzy? He has a personality just like Ben.

Some things Ozzy does reminds us of Ben, but he also surprises us with things Ben never ever did. Yes, I may be comparing, but we love them both exactly the same. At the end of the day, they both are a part of our lives, a big part, and we love them both to pieces, and we aren’t replacing Ben with Ozzy, or using Ozzy as a ‘’rebound’’, they are both different dogs, with different personalities, and that is why they were and are, our families perfect dog.

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