What makes LONDON the best city in the world.

Ok, in Venice you can ride on Gondolas and see St Mark’s Square; in New York you can go to the top of the Empire State building and look at the Skyline, party in Times Square and hear the music from Broadway; in Sydney you can appreciate the Opera house or camp near Ayers rock; and in Paris, you can get swept away with romance with the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop. But personally, none of these have the edge that London has got.

I am not saying that these great (along with other cities) are not amazing; of course they are. I am lucky to have been able to see some great sights and landmarks in my time, and I have been blown away with the brilliance of the architecture, or the beauty that nature created. But with London, every single time I go up there (and that is a lot), I fall in love. I am not sure if it is the hubbub of people who make this city, the tall buildings, or the feeling that anything can happen. From our West End with amazing musicals and funny plays, to the underground music clubs where unsigned bands can play, to Oxford Street with it’s array of shops, to Hyde park and all it’s greenery; there is something for everyone.

It may not be the cleanest, nor is it the prettiest city in the world; it might have a dirty looking River Thames; it might have a Starbucks on every corner; but what we do excel in, we excel in well.

The other day; I got the honour to lift and lower Tower Bridge for a very rich Australian man on a very expensive boat. Just before I got to, the bridge had to be closed, and instead of everyone just walking away, a HUGE crowd was watching this very gorgeous looking bridge lift to make way for this boat. It is just a bridge, I know; But it is one we take for granted, and not realise that for tourists, it is something beautiful and exciting and new. We need to start getting excited about what is on our doorstep. The London Eye, The Globe Theatre, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, The House of Commons, Convent Garden, Trafalgar Square and of course, Big Ben. To us, we might see it a ton of times, but it doesn’t make it any less beautiful.

I think I have only realised lately how much I love this city. Especially when I went up to London to watch the Olympics in one of the parks. To see hundreds of people watching and supporting Team GB was magical. Especially when we completely annihilated the USA in Women’s Team Sprint and we all stood up to sing the National Anthem. Our backdrop was Tower Bridge with the Olympic Rings hanging from it. If that doesn’t sound patriotic or perfect; then I don’t know what does.


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