Friend cull; now’s the time to realise who my friends are

Now I am back home, I am over thinking a lot. In between job hunting and exercising, I am sitting and realising who is exactly important in my life.

On my Facebook, I had over 1000 friends; no-one has that many friends.
Apart from all the clubs and university pages I had to join, I have actually met everyone else on my friends list, but no way can I say they are friends; just purely people I have met the once.

Along with the people I have just met, I had people who were in my year at school, people who went to the same dance school as me, college and university, as well as my family and actual friends.

I also had people who I genuinely, cannot stand but had just because they once shared a class with me; what is the point? So I went on a rampage.

I had questions in my mind which helped me decide whether to click unfriendly or not. Have I met them more than once? Did I meet them on a random night out and never spoke to them again? Do I actually chat to this person? Do I even say hello when I walk past them? What is the point in having people on my newsfeed if I have no intention to ever talk to them or even see them again?

I went from having nearly 1100 so called friends till just over 800. I am still not saying all 800 are my friends, but I am saying that these 800 people have made that bit more of an impact on my life whether it was in the past or present, to deserve to stay for a little longer.

Whilst doing this, it made me think, if I was completely honest with myself, how many friends would I actually have? Who are the most important people in my life that if we grew apart, would I be gutted about?

Right now, I am still in the transition from leaving Southampton to being back in Essex. I am missing my best friends from Southampton and of course, my boyfriend a lot at the moment. From going to seeing them literally everyday to suddenly very occasionally is scary and upsetting, but what gets me through are simply two things: 1. I know that even though there is distance between us physically, emotionally, we are all still close, and 2. My lovely group of friends back here in Essex, whom even though I was away for three years, never treated me like an outsider and always welcomed me back with open arms.

It is such a nice feeling to know I have a fantastic group of friends in Essex and in Southampton, who help me when I need it, and a boyfriend who is very supportive even though he is miles away. The realisation of this stops me from being upset about leaving university and it’s lifestyle, and makes me more appreciative of my true friends around me.

As for the rest of the friends I have on Facebook which don’t come into my close circle, they are simply people who have entered my life somehow and another, and are nice enough people who I like to surround myself with. There is no problem in that as that is what everyone does, just now it is my time to admit it.


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