The diary of a job hunter

Now I have left university, I am now back in the big wide world ready to gets job, but this is the point; I don’t have one.

I have left my little world which revolves around university. This consisted of: going out on a school night, fancy dress, alcoholic drinks which were acid green, five minute walks to see my boyfriend, drinking coffee whilst frantically finding a mac and going for a quiet ones with my best friends.

I left that happy place to now live in the adult world, which consists of: getting a job, going out only at weekends, drinking coffee to stay awake, commuting, having a set routine, going to bed early, getting out of bed early, wearing smart clothes and moaning about the boss.

But I am not even there yet; I am stuck in limbo, which consists of: waking up around ten, exercising, watching crap tv, searching for jobs, reading, moaning about not having a job and then sleep.

It is getting frustrating. I know that jobs are scarce at the moment, and loads of people are in the same boat; it is not a great place to be.

I was ready to be a grown up, I was ready for a job and earn some real money. I just wasn’t ready for the months of trying and failing. But, I got to keep trying, and soon enough, I will be earning šŸ™‚


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