The most important thing to remember girls…

“Men are from a different planet, and most probably universe; just take them literally.”

I have been reading probably the most famous trilogy that is around right now; the fifty shades of grey books by E.L James. Ok, it has taught me a lot about what some people get kicks from in the bedroom, but it has also taught me most probably, one of the most important things to remember.

Us girls are born to over think. If a guy texts to say: “see you later”, we will spend hours discussing whether he meant he will see us later or is a polite way of saying, “I will most probably just see you around.” If a guy leaves three “x’s” in a text, does that mean he likes us? Or simply he likes giving them out? This is what we do, and as much as it is fun, it also makes us think up different scenarios which don’t even need to cross our minds.

Boys are just simple creatures; they don’t see much point in saying one thing, but meaning the other. If they say, “I would like to meet up sometime” that means exactly what it says on the tin. Obviously, there are some guys who lie and are an exception, but us girls just need to chill. Why stress out and come to other conclusions when the answer is right in front of you and also, came out of the horses mouth? I have done it so many times to my boyfriend who will be honest with me, and tell me straight up, and I sit there thinking he meant something else and getting upset over nothing.

Since reading that advice, I have chilled out. I take things literally now and it is stopping me having them moments of doubt, or having the moments where you feel physically sick from thinking the worse. Give these guys a break from time to time; and just have fun.


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