The horrible realisation that you are the ugly person inside

I have now finished university so I should start acting adult. The thing is, even though I have changed in some ways, in other ways I haven’t.

I believe that I have became more responsible, more determined, and not so much of a pushover as I have been. But when it comes to certain matters, I am still very childish.

I reacted in a horrible way over an issue that occurred recently, and it has been getting me down and even angry. Really, all I needed to do was take a deep breath, and get over it; at the end of the day, I would come across a better person for it. I felt good about myself about that realisation, but then I realised that the way I acted was actually, pretty ugly, and I do not want to be an ugly person on the inside.

With issues like this that happen to us daily, it is horrible to actually realise when you have become someone you do not like. Maybe not for life, maybe not for a month, but even for that short amount of time it is a realisation. But when you realise, that’s when you can grab it with both hands and change by learning from it.

Now I just laugh it off, it is all I can do, and just concentrate on the things that make me happy such as my boyfriend, my friends and the sunny weather.


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