Only boring people make things boring

The last week or so I have been bored. I handed in my work for my last semester at university, and instead of me partying or spending time with my friends, I have spent a lot of time in my room. This is because even though I had finished all my work, others haven’t. I spent my evenings watching pointless crap on the tv, moaning to my boyfriend and wishing time away. Time that really, I do not want to pass me by just yet. This is because by July, I am out of Southampton. I will come back for Graduation, I will come back for the odd weekend, but I won’t be coming back to live.So I decided instead of moping and getting annoyed at my nearest and dearest, I need something to fill up time. Otherwise all I had was a couple of shifts at work and the odd night out whilst my boyfriend and my friends are finishing off their work. I needed to do something productive and worthwhile. I joined the gym.This is probably nothing to be shocked about, but if you know me well, you will know how lazy I am. I pull a face if someone says to me to get up at 10. I groan if I know I have to be somewhere before midday. If I can,I will just eat tins of food because I cannot be bothered to walk to the shops to get anything decent.But, I did it. I joined the gym. It might. Or be those exciting past time, but it kills a couple of hours, and I feel great about myself afterwards.So, to summarise; if you are bored, don’t moan, do something about it.


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