Patience is a virtue

Waiting. Queueing. Us Brits are meant to be the experts in queueing, apparently, we ”love” to queue (stupid Americans obviously do not know us that well). We only queue because it is actually, the politest thing to do.

What I am trying to get at is, that waiting as a whole is extremely boring. I don’t think I know anyone who has ever ”enjoyed” waiting. I think most of our life is spent waiting. Waiting for that promotion, waiting for that certain someone to ask you out, waiting to go on holiday, waiting till we can order food, waiting till 5 o clock so we can go home, waiting for a bus and so on and so forth.

But why waste your time waiting? Whilst you wait, you could go and do something which you have needed done for a while now, like mow the grass, do the dishes, then you have gave yourself to use your other “waiting” time to do something fun and much more enjoyable. We all need to be patient and wait, but we could be doing something useful whilst we are.

But at the same time, we are all wishing our time away. All of last summer, I spent wishing the time away as I got stuck into a very boring routine of waking up, exercising, watching tv, on my laptop then bed. I wanted September to hurry up so I can hurry up back to university. I ended up having the most boring summer of my life, just because I was simply wishing it away. I could have been out doing something else  but all I did was mope about.

At the moment, I want all my deadlines to appear so I can then say bye bye to education once and for all, but why am I in a rush? As soon as that happens, that is it. No more university, no more getting drunk on weekdays, my friends will start to go home to their houses all over the country, me and my boyfriend will have to do that dreadful task of trying to balance a long distance relationship with job searching, and living back with our parents.

We got to grab the time we have with both hands, because it is slipping away, and soon, it will disappear.


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