Trolling: The disgusting trend which actually makes my blood boil

A big subject this week is Trolling. Since Richard Bacon tackled this topic head on because of his own experience with a Troll, it has all been brought to our attention on how horrible and how disgusting these people and their statements are. With the news that Sean Duffy has been jailed for ”RIP trolling” three tribute sites of three teenagers who have died, shows that yes, we can find out who these despicable people are, and that we can bring some kind of justice to those who will be effected by the atrocious comments they make.

Even student Liam Stacey, who wrote an unacceptable tweet about Fabrice Muamba, who ended up fighting for his life when he collapsed during Bolton vs Spurs match, has been sentenced to jail for 56 days. This might be a bit too far, but at the same time, it will hopefully teach other people who get a so-called ”thrill” from being ”awful” to grieving families or friends, that there will be consequences and that they cannot hide behind their computer screens like sad, sad-excuse of a human being that they are.

When I watched ”The anti-social network”, I have never felt so angered by something in my life. Recently, poor Leonie Nice died when a rugby ball hit her in the chest. She went to a local school where many of my friends attended, and there was a tribute page set up for her. Sadly, it did get attacked by trolls, with even another page set up called, ”How to play rugby” and a picture of Leonie with her eyes scribbled out by red ”paint” and a rugby ball aimed at her head. I felt disgusted. Luckily, the page got taken down, and the trolls got reported.
I never really take to my keyboard and write something that makes me feel angry. In my blog, I tend to write about my life, what I have learnt, and yes, they might get a bit emotive, and I might have a little vent, but normally I feel better after I have written them. Right now, I am sitting here with my blood boiling. I am not taking any of this personally because luckily, I have never been a victim of this so-called ”fad”, but for once, this has hit a nerve and I had the need to write about it.

The only silver lining I can now see from trolling (if there is one) is that the people who troll are losers. They are BIG, MASSIVE LOSERS. Just like bullies, they obviously have nothing better to do; how sad.

Also now, Parliament are going to discuss trolling further and hopefully, we see justice to the lowlife’s who take pleasure in joking about other people’s grief or life. Hopefully; they do the right thing and come down heavy on these ”idiots”.


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