Bitching is just as ugly as jealousy… very.

When I started Secondary school, I knew that I will face the reality of bitching.

In primary school, you don’t get this. You might get told that ”you smell” but that is really it. But when you get to Secondary school, it is a different kettle of fish.

Girls will just bitch about any other girl, maybe because they are jealous, or maybe because they think they are better than them. Girls will bitch about their friends, and then suck up to them the next minute. This is because it is a hobby, and I can honestly say I have done this.

I don’t think I have met any girl who never acted like this, or maybe they still now. I have now been through college and university, and I have realised that as soon as school has finished, the majority of the bitching has stopped.

Of course it still happens, I hear it happen, and I do it; but it is different to secondary school bitching. This is because we do not just pick on girls and find something to bitch about; we bitch when there is a reason, a vent about something someone has done to annoy us, or because we are jealous that someones hair stays so straight even in the rain.

Whilst at University, I have made my second girl group. In college, my group was mainly made up of boys and in secondary school, there was a 50/50 split. My girls at university, yes we do bitch and moan, but when I watched ”Educating essex” the other night, and saw this one episode about two best friends who fell out for no apparent reason, it really opened my eyes.

I have obviously been the subject of bitchy behaviour, it isn’t nice at all. But when I look back, I got called a ”tall legged freak” and ”blondie no boobs”. I could not get upset by that, but being the victim of the silent treatment, or where someone has deliberately gone out of the way to try and embarrass me did. But if someone did any of these things now, would i be affected? Probably not. That is because it is SO childish, and just so not worth the time.

I know that even my closest friends would moan about me, but the only difference between this and when I was younger is that, we bitch, then we get over it and move on. Our group of girls, we are like sisters, I guess we could say that we are a sisterhood.

Most of us do eventually grow out of our teenage selves. Looking back, I was not as nice a person as I hope people see me as now, and knowing this, I am hoping that this is the case for all girls, which causes a sigh of relief.

But it is not always the case; there are girls out there who still act like they did when they were 13 and just bitch, bitch, bitch for their malicious entertainment, then they are not worth the time of day.

Girls; we are a pain in the arse, I know we go through a lot, but come on, why bitch for the sake of bitching? Bitching is just as ugly as jealously… very.


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