All I need to know about life, I learnt from my girlfriends

The last couple of weeks have been a bag full of mixed emotions. As many of you know, I am quite gobby. I can also talk for England and I do come across confident; but I am actually quite insecure and shy. Until recently, I hated picking up the phone, I would push my friend in front of me if we enter a room or a pub, and thinking about having to do a pitch in front of my tutors for an assignment filled me with anxiety.
But, after much persuasion, I nominated myself to be put up for SU elections. For an entire week I had to campaign and try and persuade people to vote for me. I came second, but that within itself was something for me to be proud of. It was an experience, and it has helped me grow in confidence.

The main point of this blog though is about my group of girls; my girlfriends, my lovely ladies. Throughout them weeks, they have all helped with the campaign, linking and sharing my page over Facebook, helped me give out flyers and lollies and they came and supported me when the results were being read out. It made me realise that actually, my friends are the best. I nearly welled up with tears when we were campaigning because it did honestly mean a lot to me.

They all knew how actually quite shy I am, but they made this ordeal so much easier and less stressful. When I didn’t win, they were all there to give me a cuddle and to cheer me up. It shows that they are there for me whatever happens.

If you see us as a group, we do look like we shouldn’t be friends. We have two metal heads, two dedicated followers of fashion, a tee-total chain smoking wise owl, twins who are mental when they come out of their shells and me. We look very different, but yet we are all very similar. Of course we have our key traits, but all in all, we are pretty weird. But I love that. I love the fact we get hyper on a bowl full of buttercream icing, that we make pancakes for a snack, that we change our profile pictures to characters from The muppets. These girls to me are perfect, and we all support and influence each other in such a positive way that really, it is inspirational. I am so proud to be able to call them my best friends.


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