REBUTTAL: Valentine’s isn’t actually that bad…

In my prevous blog, I was bitching and moaning about V day and how I don’t like the embarrassement or the pressure it witholds.
But actually; it is pretty ok.

We decided on a night-in with us cooking enchaladas, with a bottle of wine and just to watch a film. It ended up with us cooking enchaladas, drinking a whole bottle of wine, and then us two wanting to head out clubbing. We ended up heading to our cheesy local nightclub (Good old Reflex) with our friends and having a very drunken and messy night.

Some people might think I am mad wanting to go out and getting drunk and not spending quality time with my boyfriend, but seriously, this could not have been more perfect. We both did something we both like, and we got to share it with each other and our friends; what could be better than that?

Well, the fact I did actually get some presents and a very well executed performance of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons on my doorstep was the icing on a very scrummy cake.


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