Feeling the stress? Welcome to Third year

The other day I reached the end of my tether. I had my third year break down.
If you are unsure of what this means, it is basically when you get to your third and final year at university and it all gets too much with the lack of sleep, lack of partying and lack of having fun, that you end up crying on and off for a few hours, (or in my case, all day), and end up snapping at those close to you and keep claiming that “THIS IS IT” and “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH”.

Well, this was me. I wasn’t myself, I wasn’t upset over anything in particular either, but little things which normally I would ignore became big things, and it all build up till I literally cried over the fact I ate two tins of tuna and mayo and felt a little bit fat. I also cried over Pulp Fiction, I cried because I run out of white tack, and I cried because I got a phone call. It sounds ridiculous because it was, and more to the point it was ridiculous because I had no idea why I felt like this.

This was until I found out that a couple of my friends have also gone through this. This is apparently what us third year students do, and to be more specific, it is what us third year female students do.

This is because us girls can just hide how we feel, but not for long. Normally we keep things to ourselves until it builds up and up until we literally implode. Even if the reasoning behind it is tiny, it still gets us down. We then rant, and rave, and snap and cry and we do this until we physically can’t anymore. I was like this and then when it was all over, I was back to my normal self.
So before I sound sexist and get comments, guys if you feel like this too, you are not alone, come join us girls, but to everyone who is feeling a little stressed, remember this…


“Keep calm, & don’t forget to be awesome.”


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