Cupid rhymes with stupid

Valentine’s day.
Probably one of the most controversial holidays that we celebrate.
Obviously, people love Valentine’s and this is because it is an excuse to spend the day with the guy/girl you like/love, people can express their feelings towards someone if they don’t already know, and yes it is the day to get super soppy without being judged by your fellow person for being a little bit

But with a holiday like this there are always counter arguments, so some people hate Valentine’s day usually because of one of two reasons (or maybe both).
1. Why should we only show each other how much we mean to one another just one day a year? They should show how much they love each other ALL year round. Also, what is with having to buy materialistic things to prove this? Isn’t words enough any more? It is yet another holiday aimed to make us all poor because we are buying roses and chocolates and teddies for one another.
2. Because they are single. Who wants to see couples hand in hand, stopping to kiss each other, being all soppy and going for romantic meals whilst she is carrying a bouquet of flowers when you are walking along with the only thing that resembles a flower in your shopping bag is a stick of celery? No-one likes to have something rubbed in their face, and it isn’t even for the one day. It is for the weeks and weeks of build up our shops and media shove down our throat with the constant advertising.
(If you are ANTI-Valentines; read this interesting article:

Me? I am in a relationship… but I am not a fan of the day. My first reasoning is how I feel in a nutshell, but also because mainly, I get quite embarrassed. I am not a fan of PDA (personal display of affection), but I do like my fair share of it, (a peck on the cheek doesn’t go a miss). I also don’t like the pressure of me having to try and buy him something, for him to not like it because it is a) too soppy or b) it isn’t his thing. His birthday and Christmas presents were hard enough to buy thank you very much! I also feel sorry for the men of the world. Yes, birthday and Christmas presents are very VERY important, but Valentine’s day puts a whole ton of pressure on their little heads. They have to think “romantically” and try and work out if roses are too cliché, whether lacy underwear would make her feel like he just wants sex or whether taking her out for dinner is fine or is she expecting more? Us women have it easy as we just buy the present and the card and expect our partner to whisk us off our feet.

So what have I settled for? I have told him that I will be happy seeing him in the evening, we can cook some crap food, watch some film and genuinely have a nice chilled out hanging session. Because at the end of the day, I like how unconventional we can be, I don’t want us to feel like we have to do something because others are, and I am just happy to spend some time with him. But you know, some sweets wouldn’t go unappreciated.


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