New Years Resolutions? Nahh, just a list of crap I should do.

I really cannot understand new years resolutions. You can make these “so-called” resolutions any day in the pass year. So if you want to change so badly, then why haven’t you already done so? Do not just try and palm it off till the first day of the first month; that’s just bullshit. 

But at the same time, there is something hmm, dare say “magical” about new years. It is the kick up the arse for most people to do these changes, and to review and analyse what they did the year before, so I can’t be that cynical about people wanting to make resolutions, but I’d rather call them, “my list of crap I should do.” It is more long-winded, but then I hate making promises which I might not be able to keep, so here goes.

1. To think before I speak. On many occasions I have offended someone just by me simply not thinking, and I don’t want to do that.
2. To not meet someone else’s expectations. I do not want to change myself to fit into someone else’s rules and regulations. Take me as I am. 
3. To not be so pessimistic about myself looks or personality wise. I tend to be optimistic about different situations and I like to see the glass as half full, but when it comes to me, I always beat myself up so I need to start being more confident in myself.
4. To not care what people think. Obviously too a certain extent, but I like to always please everyone, even people who I don’t particularly want to please.
5. To concentrate better. My attention span is abnormally short where even when I am talking to my friends, I sometimes get distracted and stop half way through a sentence or story, then forget what I was talking about. I need to do well in my last semester of university and come out with a degree.
6. To not give EVERYONE the benefit of the doubt. Even if I met a guy who has just come out of jail for beating someone up, I would somehow find their good quality, but then often than most be proven wrong. I need to stop wasting my time and concentrate on everyone else who is a genuinely great person. 
7. To be more open. Not too open that I tell every Tom, Dick & Harry my problems, but I need to be able to trust people not to laugh at me or to judge me for whatever I do want to say. Problems shared are problems halved. But also, I need to be more open in the sense to let people know how I feel. I tend to not say because I am at that risk of embarrassing myself, but then I end up leaving others feeling confused, and that is not a nice feeling.
8. To carry myself with a little bit more dignity. Ok, this will not happen till I leave university, as I do drink too much and act a little crazy, but I need to start learning for when I hit the big wide world after Graduation.
9. To organise or plan what I want to do after university. My plan is too find me a job in the media, but with the reality of there not being many jobs, I will happily settle for just a full time shop/bar job, earn enough money and hopefully go travelling from January 2013. I need to do some travelling before I settle down and get a career and lead the rest of my life.
10. To just treasure every moment and to stop wishing time away or wasting it by being lazy. Every minute counts and every opportunity needs to be taken. 

So all this leaves me to say Happy New Year, and I hope 2012 is a successful one 🙂


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