Selective hearing: when to actually listen

In recent months, I have came to realise how much drama occurs in my life. Not necessarily involving me personally, but maybe involves me because it is effecting a friend. I can sit here and say to my friends who ask for advice, ”Well if I was you…” or ”You should do this so then…”

I like to think I am pretty rational with my advice. I like to keep everyone happy. I like to see the best in people. But who am I to tell someone what they should or should not do? I am not perfect, I have not experienced everything and to be honest, I am too young to even give out some advice.
But obviously, I just want to be there for that person, however big or small their problem is. Sometimes, people do just need to moan about the weather, an essay, a friend or their boyfriend. Sometimes people need to moan about their headache, them feeling fat or about something someone said; and saying that, we should listen.
It does get tedious, it can get annoying, but what gets to me is that a true friend would listen to whatever the moan is, whatever the dilemma is and whether or not they should get that drastic haircut for some guys attention. At the end of the day, most true friends would then listen back to all your moan and groans however minuscule THEY are.
Especially at a time like this where it is near Christmas, we want to just go out and have fun but are stuck working or doing essays, we all need that little rant and all we ask is for someone to listen.
So just do it; it will help them and when it is needed, it will help you.


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