"Hey Ho, Let’s Go."

I am a firm believer of spontaneity. I love the idea of just going out on the whim; not having planned where you are going till you are there. I love car journeys where you literally hop into your car, drive for around an hour and end up somewhere you have never been before. I also love being told that we are going out for the night a couple of hours before, so you have the rush of sudden excitement, but also confusion on what to wear and where to go. I also love spontaneity when it comes to relationships. You do not set out for the day thinking about forming a new friendship, but it happens, in the day as well as the night. The odd thing is, sometimes they can end up being a bigger part of your life than anticipated. They can end up being your lifetime long friend, your best friend, your house mate, even your boyfriend. The spontaneity of life is amazing. You can do anything if you just think, “fuck it, let’s go.”

Maybe, we should not over think things. Like at all. If we get asked whether we want to do something, or get a sudden urge, then maybe we should just go and do it. Sometimes, fuck the consequences. You do only live once and you need to live it to the full.


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