"You never know what is just around the corner; the guy of your dreams, your dream job, or a bus."

Recently, I have said this line to more than one person; “you never know what is just around the corner.”

Yes, this normally involves boys, or jobs and work experience. It is also a cliché. It is one of those annoying lines such as, “there are plenty more fish in the sea” and “his loss, not yours”. But the worse thing about these lines are the fact they are true.
One of my girl friends said the famous line, “I am giving up on men!” So I used the annoying line. We then went out clubbing, she met a guy, who a couple of weeks later she is now calling her boyfriend.
My mum used the same line on me when I was moaning about being turned down for a job, then literally days later, I got one. She also said it when I thought my love life was down the shitter, and now look; I have a boyfriend.
What I think the main point of this blog is that, yes we all moan/bitch/rant/vent about certain stuff in life, but as a half-full kind of person, I know that the opportunities are out there. I also know that I will be ok, and I might not get EXACTLY what I want, but I will get somewhere. Live everyday as it comes.


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