Yes; I am finally writing a blog about karma.

Some people follow religion, some people celebrities, and some people follow horoscopes. I tend to follow karma. (Not the Karma Sultra, the more philosophical side).

The other day, I went shopping. I needed some flat shoes which were amazingly comfy and voila, I found TOMS.

If you do not know what TOMS are, then you have probably been living inside a very dark, claustrophobic bubble. They are everywhere. They are a unisex shoe, which actually, help out children in the third world countries. How? Every shoe we buy, they send out a pair to a child. Sweet eh? So when I chose my shoes, I went to the till and they asked whether they can add on a pound to the price, and that pound goes towards Breast Cancer Research. I nodded and said sure, and jokingly said to my friend, “I am expecting some good karma coming my way after this.”

This was on Monday, and since Monday, good things have been happening since. Before I use to joke with karma sayings such as, “what goes around comes around” and “everything happens for a reason”, but since experiencing what I am guessing “good karma” is this week, I am in awe and now dedicating my life in knowing more about karma.
Ok, a tad far fetched. I think my moral of my blog is that when you truly believe in something, I guess you will end up seeing more results as you are looking out for them. Create your own experiences, situations and dreams and if you believe in them enough; you will eventually get what you deserve 🙂


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