Second chances are rare; use your first wisely. But if you do get a second chance; for your sake don’t fuck it up.

I am one of those people who criticise people who give someone else a second chance.
When my friend decided to give her cheating ex another chance; “a leopard doesn’t change his spots” I said. “But I love him and I believe he has changed” was her reply.

When my friend tried to move on from a love interest who clearly was only using her; “You’re just going to get hurt again” I said. “But he obviously wasn’t ready for me last time, this time I am sure he is” was her reply.

Girls; when it comes to guys, we all wished we could read their minds. We wish that a guy would just tell us how he feels, so then we are not waiting around for something that may or may not happen. We wish that a guy would do romantic gestures like they do in films.

But in reality this doesn’t happen. OF COURSE IT DOESN’T! But it is hardly the guys fault. The guys are competing for women all over the world, and the media does not help. With celebrities whisking their loved ones away on a spontaneous trip to somewhere hot, or two guys fist fighting for a girls affection in Bridget Jones, the average male will not succumb to this type of behaviour.

Anyway, currently I am stuck in a bit of a parallel universe. I am giving someone a second chance. The first time, I felt I was making the effort ALL the time. I would text him first, I would go over and talk to him first, I would initiate the kisses etc. It got to the point where I felt like I wasn’t actually wanted. I don’t think it is in his nature to do this to me deliberately, I just think he wasn’t thinking. We are and were great friends, so we both kinda just floated, until I ended up actually being with someone else.

The summer goes by and occasionally I would think about whether, now I was single, I would give him a second chance. I wasn’t convinced that he would come back and whisk me off my feet. I assumed that we will just carry on being friends, so I was ready to try and move on. I enjoy being single, but it is always nice to have someone there. & after my very eventful summer, I felt that, even though I don’t want a relationship, if the chance arises, I would happily accept.

After much talk with my girls, I came to the conclusion that I will not initiate anything with this guy. If he likes me, he will talk to me first. To me, I felt I had a sense of power. This will help me decide.

I am not going to go into much detail about what has happened since, but I just really hope that he has now realised that he really only has one more chance with me. I am not in popular demand or anything like that, but for me to not get hurt and for me to finally move on, I need him to just make it clear how he feels. It is the same to all men, us girls may be wise and mature, but we really like knowing how someone feels before we make any moves. Even if we aren’t looking for anything serious.

All is well so far; let’s just see if he can keep up with me this time 🙂


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