"An animals eyes have the power to speak a great language." – Martin Buber

When I was ten years old, my parents dropped the most exciting piece of news.“We are looking for a new pet; a dog.”

Before that age, we had numerous budgies, goldfishes and even spiders who we claimed as our pets. But a dog? This was a whole new level of pets. They are like, the top dog (mind the pun) of the pet world.

We went away to Italy for our holiday, then the night we came back, my parents were reading the local newspaper and the next day told us that they had rung up to see this dog. His name was Ben.So we went down to the pound and it was love at first sight. Our Grandma wanted us to get a Bitch that is small in size. Ben was a boy and he was pretty big. But when they asked if we wanted him or not, we all only had one answer. YES.
The next ten years have been amazing. I know people are probably reading this thinking he is just a dog. I think any dog/cat owner can tell you that it is more than that. Dogs are really intelligent animals. A few times, I had been crying, and Ben would come up to me and just rest his head in my lap. When I was scared being home alone, Ben was there ready to bark. He even started getting up on our sofa, and sitting on his tail bone, like a real human being! He made us laugh so much, and our family really bonded over him.

This summer, I wasn’t able to get a job. So I spent everyday pretty much with my dog. I am actually very grateful I got to do that.
Yesterday I got the worse news possible. I knew Ben was getting old and he wasn’t as energetic as he once was. He had trouble going up our stairs and his appetite was lost. But when my dad rang me up to tell me that he has been asked the dreaded question, I burst into tears. It was like los
ing a family member, a friend. I am currently at University so I couldn’t even get to hug him once last time. Every now and then I burst into tears. I wish I was at home to just see him one last time.
But again, the perspective thing has arisen. You really need to make the most of the time you have with the people or even animals you love. Because sadly one day, they will be taken away. People will read this and be cynical but I can’t honestly care. I know that there are people out there who have lost family members and such, but to me, Ben was a family member and I am gutted that he had to be put down. But at least he isn’t suffering now.


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