… and welcome to the year of ”girl power.”

I am 20 years old, and about to enter my third year of university. Since starting university, I have had a relationship, a “seeing someone” phase, the countless dating stage and the non-existent love life. But I think third year will be different.
Second year, me and my group of girls were like these hotties…

Yes. Sex & the city. We pranced around Southampton like we were constantly on a fashion catwalk. We would go out as much as possible, dressed in our nicest clothes, and our discussions were mostly about men. Or well… boys. We would discuss everything, from their looks, to personality, whether we want them as a boyfriend, or just as a crush. We will then analyse their texts, or quote anything they have said. If there is someone we fancy going to the same place we are, we will squeal, we will then discuss outfits and plan what we will do if we are put in certain situations. Totally girly I know, but it was fun. But as a group (which has now expanded) we have had our ups and downs with guys. Even some tears along the way. So this year, we have fully pledged ourselves to the church of the …

Well… these girls did tell us to “zig a zig ahh” and kept shouting “Girl power!” at us from the tv screens. These five girls were a huge hit and I don’t know many girls who didn’t want to be these when they were younger. They always seemed to have fun just dancing and singing and never seem to have many men in their lives, (apart from in reality of course). But this year, I for one am taking a leaf out of their book, (and most probably, the majority of my closest friends.) We just need all of us girls to stick together, have fun and just not dedicate our lives to men. Not this year. Unless someone special comes along, otherwise, we will just go out and meet new people and make this year one to remember.
Hopefully, this will be a success, because even though we joke, we do not want to turn out like these ladies…


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