"Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of travelling." – Margaret Lee Runbeck

I had an eight hour round trip when I went to Bristol to celebrate my best friend’s 21st birthday the other day. I am most probably one of the only people in the world who loves travelling by train.

I love watching the commuters go to work in their freshly pressed suits, make up and hair not out of place, whilst as I am dressed up as a typical student. Mix-matched clothes and out of control hair but I just don’t care.
I love knowing that no-one on this train knows where I am heading, why I am heading there and who I am. Plus I love the fact I don’t know this about any of the other travelers. Like, we all judge a book by its cover, so instantly I think I can work out who they are and what they are up too.
What also gets me thinking is that obviously everybody’s life is different. Everyone is carrying secrets, regrets, memories. I am just concentrating on getting my degree, and hopefully get into journalism and live in London asap. But there are people out there who have different events happening to them and it gets me all excited that no life is the same. We are all aiming for our dream but our dreams are different. It is refreshing and it is nice to see people going around, taking their life as it comes.
Time alone and being put in a situation such as a train journey, makes me think and sort out everything that is cluttering my mind. It makes me think clearer and put everything into perspective.
I think that everyone should have time alone to gather their thoughts once in a while, and appreciate what is going on in your life, and think and make everything clearer in your own mind. When you are happy in your mind, you will be happy in your own skin, and then you will be happy in your life.


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