"I think there’s always a risk of overthinking the game, especially when it gets tight." – Charles Davis

Last summer, I was balancing a job with my social life. I was very busy and earning money and seeing my friends.

This summer, I couldn’t get a job as many I applied for turned me down because I am a student, who will pretty much bugger off in a couple of months time, and because money is tight for a lot of my friends, we haven’t been able to go out as much. (Even if we wanted to just sit in the park, the weather has been shocking too.)
So really, this summer holidays, I have been exercising everyday in the week, rest at weekends and thinking.
I have had so much time on my hands, I have managed to over think myself out of many situations.
I will end up staying up at night thinking, wake up late then think while I am exercising, think again while I am staring aimlessly at the TV, and then the vicious cycle repeats itself.
I was happy with everything in my life, but then I started to question everything. Now I am not so sure.
I have heard a few people say that “thinking is dangerous” and I used to laugh… now I totally agree.


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