And I Am From Essex… What Of It?

This blog is kind of about class and about where people come from. Being from Essex, I have heard all of the stereotypes. I am not ashamed of being from Essex, but I do hate it when people ask me where I am from. This is because I know that as soon as I say “Essex”, that will be it. The jokes about being blonde and from Essex will start coming out.

This has happened more the second year at university though. In my first year, I hardly told people because nobody asked. But this year, so many people guess from my accent that I ended up telling them because they have already guessed.
But being from Essex is fantastic. This is because when I do tell people that is where I am from, they do know instantly where I am talking about. It is actually a great place to live. There is so much to do, and now with “The only way is Essex”, it has become the place to go to.
What annoys me though it that, people do generalise. Blonde, orange tans, thick, plastic boobs are instantly spurted out from people’s mouths when they get asked to describe essex girls. But really, we are not like that. Take me for instance. Yes, I am blonde, but I am naturally blonde. No, I am not orange, I am actually very pale. Yes, I can be thick, but I can’t be that bad if I am at university can I? No, I don’t have plastic boobs, mine I grew myself thanks.
So before people criticise where you are from, or what class you are, just take a step back and think how it has help make you the way you are today.
Anyways, Essex can’t be THAT bad; we have our own tv show 🙂


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