About me – x


My parents named me Janie Marie Livermore, after they found out I was actually a girl and not a boy that they thought they were having. On the 13th April 1991, they had a lovely surprise or shock when I popped out all gangly and crying and realised I was missing a vital organ.

Now I am just a 22 year old girl from Essex, who wants to see the world, live the dreams I have dreamt since I was little, and experience it with truly wonderful people who I am lucky enough to have walked into my life.

I went to Southampton Solent University where I managed to get a 2:1 in Magazine Journalism & Feature Writing, whilst I overslept, partied, and drank myself to oblivion like any other stereotypical student.

I am a social(media) butterfly, who likes to know what’s going on in the world. I regularly tweet my excitement or disgust over current affairs, and I also share random thoughts.

I have got a close-knit family, a crazy but loveable dog, amazing friends and an all-right boyfriend who are all rather important in my life right now.

I like to do all the girly things a girl is expected to like, but I also like to surprise people by doing things out of my comfort zone. One day, I would like to skydive, climb a mountain, swim with sharks and be able to bake.

This is a blog full of my ramblings, thoughts and opinions. It is meant to be seen as light-hearted, but if you do get offended by anything I write, then more fool you for taking life too seriously.

Love & kisses,

Janie Livermore


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